Apex legends Mobile and next-gen console soon to be available to play

Electronics Arts have revealed that they are creating the mobile version of Apex legends and has revealed the official date of launch.

Apex legends was first launched on February 4, 2019against the other popular Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PlayerUnkown’s battleground.

The game featured some high tech weapons with multiple characters to play.

Recently, Apex legends has completed 70 Million player base.

And, EA has declared Apex legends as core franchise and they also revealed some future game plans and next-gen consoles update.

EA chief executive Andrew Wilson promised the mobile version would be available in the 2021 fiscal year.

The 2021 fiscal year starts from October 1, 2020, it looks like the game will be available near September 30, 2021.

This wasn’t the only detail that was revealed in October 30th Conference call.

EA also revealed their plan on bringing the Battle Royale to other platforms including Microsoft’s Project Scarlett.

Apex legends mobile

EA Conference call

Apex legends is a major long-term franchise for us, and since launch, we’ve significantly

expanded the team working on the game and it continues to grow” he said on October 29.

Our pipeline of future content is packed with really fun experiences that will be delivered

through upcoming seasons and a regular cadence of updates for the community

“With the Apex legends community growing pass 70 million, we’re focused on expanding to

mobile new platforms and new geographies, as well as launching Apex competitive gaming

program that we’ll share details on soon“.

Wilson also revealed that the game will soon be available to new countries.

It seems like Apex legends will soon get plenty including 1billion potential players in China.

EA is going all in to make Apex legends stand out of Big Franchises like FIFA, Madden and battlefield.

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