Apex Legends Mirage is getting new heirloom – a limited-edition melee weapon in Season 5 according to leaks from data miners.

Apex Legends Season 5 is already packed with so much to explore, new legend Loba her abilities, map
changes etc, but Season 5 is also about Mirage the old legend, who had some rework done in the recent
patch update and now he is getting a new heirloom melee weapon.

Heirloom is a limited-edition melee weapons a kind of collectibles, they drop from Apex packs and all of
these weapons tells the back stories of every legend who have its own Heirloom.

Until now there were only four legends who had these heirloom weapons – Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Lifeline and Octane, now Mirage’s heirloom is also being added in those names.

Data miner ILootGames & Shrugtal reveals this Apex Legends Mirage heirloom, according to him our
recently reworked trickster is getting his own personal limited-edition melee weapon, well if you
wondering what it will be, the leaker codes speak exactly what it is going to be.

Apex Legends Mirage Heirloom Season 5

In the past there were many theories from fans about how our Holographic Trickster’s heirloom will look
like and what it will be, some said it will be him battling with cooked pork chop and many other theories
like that.

But the leaked code denies all of that, the heirloom indeed have a backstory by it is not what we were
expecting, According to the leaks, he’ll wield a mini-sized statue of himself.

“Well… check out our next Heirloom,” the data miner said, revealing the code string related to the new
cosmetic: “MELEE_SKIN_MIRAGE_STATUE_NAME”. The code does have Mirage name as the next legend
to get a special melee weapon.

Well, this something different from every heirloom weapons we have in the game, like Revenant ⁠⁠— who has a voice line tied to a potential Heirloom item ⁠— and Octane ⁠— who has animations relating to his Data Knife in the code .

Anyhow we will advise you to take this leak also with grain of salt as nothing is confirmed from Respawn yet. We will keep you updated with any further information.

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