A Developer from Respawn Entertainment gave away some hints about Apex Legends Mirage getting buffs this Season with a patch note going live on Tuesday.

Apex Legends Season 5 is bringing in so much content with itself, like the most awaited
legend Loba making her way into the game with her translocating abilities.

Well, she isn’t the only point of attraction there are other scenarios which are also building
the Season 5 hype like the destruction of “Skull Town” and now the news of Mirage getting
buffs to his abilities.

Mirage is one of the fan favourite legends in the game because of its holographic abilities
which helps him sneak away from any firefight easily, but he is also one of the oldest legends
in the game and he hasn’t got many buffs done to his abilities and due to that he doesn’t
stand strong against many top legends.

Now it looks like the fans favourite is finally getting some buffs done to his abilities Apex Legends season 5 is going to be Mirage buff season.


When a user asked Respawn Developers whether “Mirage will be getting buffs this season or not” Jason McCord (Design Director at Respawn) retweeted that “Mirage fans should be happy” — hinting that a buff is on its way.

Apex Legends Mirage buff details – what to expect?

Lately, there have been some rumours about developers working on Mirage buffs and here is
all that we know so far.

Leaker ‘iLootGames’ previously claimed that: “Mirage is going to get the ability of the Emergency Dance Party. Whether that’s a Tactical ability or a replacement for his Ultimate, I don’t know, but that’s what I’ve been told will be part of his rework. It’s not just going to be a buff, it’s going to be a rework. We’ll find out in Season 5 is my hope.”

As soon this news broke fans started to spam developer with the request to buff their
favourite legend also and the most common of them was “Octane”.

Well, we can’t be sure of anything until it goes live or announced by Apex Legends, but we do
know that someone is getting a buff session this season maybe it can be “Octane & Mirage” both.

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