Apex Legends Loba’s teleport not working is the new issue since the Season 5 update, and to reveal the reason for this issue Respawn Developers came forward and sheded some light.

According to a new trending post in Apex Legends subreddit, Loba’s teleport is not working as it was in
Season 5 trailer, Since the release of new legend many players have been trying to recreate the exact
play that Loba does in her debut trailer video.

Apart from recreating that play, players have also been sharpening the new legends abilities and move,
so, one user on Reddit ‘DropTopMox’ tried recreating that move but only came to know that her bracelet
was defective in the very moment when they needed it the most.

Everyone was confused about how this happened – until Respawn dev ‘Deco’ shared what likely went wrong.

“PSA: Do NOT try to recreate the Loba play from the trailer,” the player cautioned after utilizing the ability
in the same way Loba does in the trailer while getting wildly different results.

Apex Legends Loba’s teleport not working?

In the gameplay trailer we see Loba making a last ditch dive over a cliff with Pathfinder and both used their long-cooldown tacticals to retreat to level below.

We see Loba throwing her bracelet in mid air and making her way to the other side, however when DropTopMax tried the same tactical move but failed terribly after that he posts that video on the internet to make a meme starring the Ghanaian Dancing Pallbearers.

After a couple of hours of posting this video-meme Deco replies to the thread which has occupied over
5,000 upvotes in the meantime.

“Ah yes,” Deco reminds them of a line that would be written on Apex Tracker. “If the tactical is thrown, and then Loba herself hits a slip trigger, the tactical will fail even though it hit a valid surface.”

The tracker lists some parts of what Respawn is addressing. However Deco was sure to give some clarity to the situation, informing all players that it is a “known issue [and to] expect it to be fixed in a future patch.”

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