Apex Legends Loba theft alert system player reveals a new feature added to World’s Edge which alerts everyone when Loba is stealing high tier loot.

We got to see a new and destroyed version of World’s Edge in Season 5 along
with the High Society Thief “Loba”, but there was more according to the sources
a new vault-alert system was also introduced with the map.

Apex Legends Loba theft alert system

For the first time it was witnessed by YouTuber ‘Henry VIII The Original Thot Slayer’ who ran up to their Loba’s Black Market Boutique where there was Legendary gear listed.


But as soon as he picked up one of the items, her ult was destroyed and the
other items went back to their vault, moreover it also set off alarms in the

The sound was blaring and consistent, it looks like the arena was created by
keeping Loba in mind.

Loba is the only legend who doesn’t need a key to open up Vaults and
this new alarm system can give away her position easily, because
there are multiple times when there is nothing happening on the map
and everything, everyone is silent and in that case, if the alarm goes
off it can attract a number of eyeballs and can result in chaos.

“You can’t see it from perspective but, you can take 1 gold item then this happens,” user ‘Dropammoplease’ said in reply to the video.

The community is praising developers for this new Apex Legends Loba theft alert system because her abilities are too much overpowered and it was required to balance it.

Everybody was picking Loba as their first priority and it was not good at
all because she can do whatever she want and balance waas much needed.

“That’s a pretty cool way to balance it,” ‘MawBTS1989’ said. “You can grab 1 high tier item but you can’t completely ransack the place.”

However, there are ways by which players can clear out all the high-tier loot
and vanish away.

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