Apex Legends Loba Bracelet glitch fix is “on the way” – Developers confirms the news about the upcoming fix for Season 5 debutant Loba.

Loba is one of the most awaited yet most problematic legends in Apex Legends
till date, since her release at the beginning of the Season 5, she has been breaking
the game.

At first, players witnessed her hacking into new areas and then dodging bullets and
now Loba is causing the worst game-breaking glitch ever.


Loba Bracelet glitch fix is “on the way”

According to players, her teleporting bracelet is not working at all on the World’s
Edge map but luckily Apex legends developers are already working on the Loba bracelet glitch fix and it may be released with the patch coming “early next week”.

On July 1 developers officially released a statement addressing the glitch and
revealing that a fix is on the way.

“We are aware of Loba’s tactical [Burglar’s Best Friend] not always being placed on World’s Edge and we are currently testing a client-side fix for it.”

According to Respawn game director, Jason McCord Loba’s newest bug was due to “out of bounds” areas in the World’s Edge code, which is “slightly different” to the Kings Canyon base design.

“Triggers are done a little differently on World’s Edge… same user-facing functionality, just authored a slightly different way,” he explained. “[Then] the code changed and broke her bracelet for those specific WE triggers.”

However, he also said that the glitch has already been solved in Apex Legends
test realm and the only thing that is needed to test is the fix but it will take some time
“because this code touches a lot of parts of the games,”

“We have a US holiday on Friday, so people aren’t working then,” he added. “Realistically, the middle of next week is when we will ship out the fix.”

When will the Loba fix go live?

As of Respawn tradition Apex Legends updates usually go live on Tuesdays. That means there’s every chance they do the same for this client-side download next week. That would mean, the issue is solved by July 7.

But as of now, it will be best if you completely avoid playing Loba right now
because her ‘Burglar’s Best Friend’ tactical ability is an important part
of her gameplay second only to her ultimate. It’s a blunder to have it not work.

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