The final trailer for Apex Legends Loba abilities is here and it reveals how all of her abilities will work in-game after she makes her debut in-game during Apex Legends Season 5.

Apex Legends Season 5 will start from Tuesday, May 12, and just a couple of hours before
the release Respawn has officially released the Final Loba trailer with all of her abilities in
action and honestly, she is bada*s.

She can snap loots from your hands and you won’t even notice, she can clear all the loot in
the area without moving around and searching.


Until now we only knew what we saw in Apex Legends Season 5 trailer but now we have
official confirmation on all of Loba abilities in Apex Legends next season.

All of Loba’s abilities in Apex Legends Season 5

Loba’s Tactical and Passive abilities

Loba’s Tactical ability is called “Burglar’s Best Friend” – this ability will help you teleport to
different places in a blink of an eye, it can help you escape firefights just like that.

To use this ability you just need to throw the bracelet in the direction where you want to travel.

Burglar’s Best Friend is the name for her Bracelet which you may have already seen in
season 5 trailer.

Loba’s Passive ability is called “Eye for Quality,” – it basically gives you wallhack kind of thing
where you can see high tier loots through walls in a close range. This ability will help you grab
items before your opponent even notices.

All of Loba’s abilities and their functions

Loba’s Ultimate Ability – Black Market Boutique

Loba’s Ultimate Ability is one of a kind and you may haven’t seen anything like this yet if you
are surprised by her “Eye for Quality” ability then this will gonna blow off your mind.

Her ultimate ability is called “Black Market Boutique” – which is a staff that turns itself into a
teleporter and gives you the option to choose from all the loot available in that particular
area and then teleports it to your inventory, it is like looting without getting out there.

This ability not only benefits you but also your teammates, each of your teammates can get
up to two things from the staff into their inventory, this ability can be useful to make a quick
sweep around in an unlooted area.

Well, most of her abilities involve stealing and it would be pretty fun to watch your enemies
reaction when loot just vanishes away from in front of him/her.

And her teleportation ability will surely showcase some outplays soon.

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