The new Apex Legends loading screen bug code: clog is very annoying and Respawn developers have already looked into this matter and they will be giving away 25 free battle pass levels to everyone.


  • A new infinite loading screen bug has landed in Apex Legends.
  • Developers has promised to give away 25 free battle pass levels to everyone who has been hit by this bug code: clog.

Apex Legends has been in the market for the last two years and players have often got hit by
different kinds of bugs like code: leaf, code: net and sometimes “invalid token” errors, these
bugs or error still exists in the game.

However, this new bug is not even returning an error or code for players to report Respawn about it.

Instead, this bug is throwing players back to the main menu again and again – as soon as you
hit continue it throws you back in the main menu and you keep doing it over and over but lands
nowhere other than the main menu.


Players started reporting this error on EA Help forums. However, from what we noticed
it is affecting specific accounts only and one can easily play the game using their other

“I have the same problem with my main account,” one player explained. “I can play normally with my secondary account but my main has this problem so the problem is in my account (or game) not console.”

Also, the bug is same for all consoles Xbox and PlayStation and Pc players – it is keeping
players stuck in the main menu on all platforms.


Respawn respond to login errors

On March 2, Respawn, developers of Apex Legends, gave an update on the issues. In a new patch, they said “Fixed one cause of login issues. Affected players will receive an error message (“code:clog”), then logging in should work.”

To cover up for lost time at the start of Season 8, players affected by this error will receive 25 battle pass levels for free.


However, in the statement they did mention that “some players will continue to have the logging problem” and that they are looking into more fixes.

How to fix Apex Legends infinite loading screen bug

At the time of writing this, there is only one option to get past through this bug and that is
to create a second account. The bug appears to be account specific, rather than system or game-specific.

We will keep updating this article if any further news comes up from the developers at Respawn or EA when we have them.

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