Some leaks from the Apex Legends community are pointing towards two new Crypto and Gibraltor skins for PS plus and PS4 players.

In Apex Legends there are more than 9 Legends in the game, at the time of launch it was
only 8 and since then the majority of players have tried all the legend and picked the one
which suits there playstyle better.

Well, playing the same character over a long period of time can be boring, so to tackle this
issue Respawn Entertainment keeps rolling some new outfits for each legend present in the
game and there are also some rare outfits which are earned through tasks which makes the
character stand out from all other legends on the Map either on World’s Edge or on King’s Canyon.

And, the two lucky legends who are getting new makeover are Gibraltar – The Saviour and Crypto – The hacker/ Tech guy.


Apex Legends leaks reveal two new upcoming skins

However, recent leaks from “TheSuum” a data miner from the Apex Legends community reveals that there are two new skins for Playstation only making their way soon into the game and these are for Crypto and Gibraltar.

The two new skins feature the basic blue and white colour code from the PlayStation skin styles. Although the colour used in these skins are a bit brighter than what we see in
usual PlayStation exclusive skins.


However, the last PlayStation exclusive cosmetics pack also contained skins for different
weapons. And in the picture revealed by Suum, we can see a black red and white skin for
weapons also.

And one more thing, to be clear these are only for PS Plus members that means you can’t get
them from anywhere else.

Now for the unfortunate part, the release/introduction date for these packs are still to be known and we will let you know once we have confirmation on these packs release date.

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