Dataminers has leaked two of Loba’s finishers – point-blank and stomp after searching
through Apex Legends game files. Both of the finishing moves are quite brutal.

We saw Loba in Revenant’s release trailer for the first time, where revenant kills his father
and according to rumours Loba’s story is going to circle around all revenge theme.

Well, there is not much time left for Loba’s introduction in the game as we have already seen
her ‘Tactical abilities animations’ and also her teasers are already started to drop.

Now new leaks are revealing her finisher’s animations which care very much brutal and may make her the most brutal character in the game.


‘Point Blank’ and ‘Stomp’ ⁠— Loba’s finishers

However, once again the leaks are coming from the very know data miner ‘Shrugtal‘.

Unfortunately, in the video there is no executor (Loba) but, he did show us how it is going
to look when she gonna hit these moves.

He used wraith as a victim to showcase both finishing moves.

The first, titled “Point Blank,” depicts the defeated opponent crouched motionless. After a moment, they look up at where Loba would be standing ⁠— with a gun, no doubt ⁠— and the Young Loba eliminates them with a headshot.

In the second finishing move – “Stomp”. In this move we can see the victims crawling away
from Loba, and then she looks ‘stomping’ them into the face to register her kill.

Until mow Revenant was the most brutal legend we ever saw, but now it seems like if
someone more powerful, more brutal than him is going to make its ways into the game.

According to Shrugtal, these Leaked Loba’s finishers animations are work in progress so Respawn may change some animations according to their preferences.

When is Loba coming to Apex Legends?

Well as per Apex Legends tradition they release one Legend per season.

It is hard to say when she is going to get released, some rumours say that Respawn may
release the next legend a bit early.

However, according to Apex Legends season division Season, 4 will finish on Tuesday, May 5 and Season 5 is to start as usual.

We will keep you updated with further information.

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