Apex Legends leaked Loba skins and Weapon skins for season 5, data miner iLootGames has revealed some new Loba and Weapon skins for Season 5 ahead of time.

Loba was one of the most-awaited legend of Apex Legends, and here debut in-game
was also blasting which also destroyed many parts of King’s Canyon, one of them
was iconic Skull Town, apart from that Loba’s entry to the game also brought many
skins for different Legends.

Since here debut in-game there have been many leaks about her skins, the recent one
was Favor Fortune Pack featuring a Loba skin and 600 Apex coins for every player
who can grab them.


Apex Legends leaked Loba Skins

Now once again a reliable data miner iLootGames has leaked a victorian theme Loba skin for Apex Legends Season 5.

Matching the design of the ‘Bootlegger’ Legendary skin,the data miner calls it the ‘Watermelon’ skin simply adds a fresh lick of paint to the existing cosmetic.

Leaked weapons

Recently, data miner leaked a Gibraltar and Bloodhound twitch prime skin, and now he has revealed some recolour for weapons, Longbow, Alternator, Spitfire, Devotion and the Flatline.

One of these outstanding recolours one of them is ‘Big Game Hunter’ Longbow,
whose colour scheme looks exactly the same as Loba’s leaked skin.

The data miner also reveals that the rework for Spitfire and Devotion LMGs are
also in the pipeline, moreover, the ‘Spine Chiller’ Flatline legendary skin recolour
looks exactly the same as the Bootlegger Loba skin.

Since the Loba release, there has already been many leaks about her new skins – Legendary, rare and Epic.

However, currently, there is a free Loba skin on Twitch Prime – ‘Game Master‘ which you can easily claim if you have a Twitch Prime subscription.

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