A data miner from the Apex Legends community has leaked a Dragon LMG along with two other weapons, apparently, this new LMG uses Light Ammo.

Apex Legends have a variety of weapons but we have only seen three LMG’s since the launch of the game.

But according to a leaker’s information a fourth one might soon get added in the list.

The leaker is ‘Biast12’ whom you might know from our previous articles.

He has once again done a tremendous job to give us some early looks of what is coming up our way.

In his Aril 11 Tweet he leaked three upcoming weapons of Apex legends but the one which caught our eye is the Dragon LMG.

What is so special about this weapon, you might ask.

Apparently, this new LMG uses Light Ammo which we have not seen in any other LMG till now.

If this weapon turns out to be real, we might see every player using this LMG.

Moreover, the leaker has also revealed the early images of what this future weapon may look like.

At present, there are total of 28 weapons in Apex Legends out of which six uses Light Ammo. But none of them is an LMG, rather they uses Heavy Rounds and Energy Ammos.

And from the information, this trend might soon end with Dragon LMG.

The use of Light Ammos in any weapon also increases its fire rate – high fire rate + LMG will be a deadly combination. It will be exciting to see just how developers nerf this gun to match with others.

Apart from all this there is no other information on what this weapon is going to look like, what fire rate it has, how much recoil is there or how often you can find this weapon on the map.

We advise you to take this leak with a grain of salt even when there is a model for the gun is already.

We are saying this because much of leaked content gets scraped away from the game because of various reasons.

There is no way we can predict when this weapon is going to be live in-game. However, Season 9 is just right around the corner and it could be part of the new season.

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