An Apex Legends data miner has leaked another crucial information regarding upcoming season 4 map update and teaser drop timings.

Apex Legends Season 4 is the hottest topic around the battle royale community because on the same day it is the One-year anniversary of the game when Season 4 is going to start.

And players are eagerly waiting for what Apex legends will change in their next season.

Will there be a new map in Apex Legends Season 4?

or which new legend we will be seeing in next season?

Questions are everywhere but no one to answer them.

Nothing is yet confirmed but there are already numerous leaks regarding season 4.

Well, there is another leak coming from Shrutgal a very well known data miner in Apex Legends Community.

The new Apex Legends Season 4 leak showcases that there will be two teasers

One for World Edge map update and another for the Season update.

Data miner reveals upcoming season 4 map update teaser drop date

Apex Legends leak showcases upcoming season 4 map update teaser Schedule

He Tweeted Saying:

“Pretty big leak though, upcoming event timers for a World’s Edge map update TEASER and a Season 4 TEASER,”

The leaks mention three dates which can refer to three stages of the in-game teaser release date for the upcoming map updates – January 21, 23 and 28.

And Apex Legends Season 4 release teaser is set to drop in-game on January 23 and 27.

Moreover, Shrugtal also revealed that there will be some events which will feature holograms as their upcoming teaser.

Shrutgal also leaked that there will be a new sniper rifle skin added to Apex Legends season 4-“Sentinel”

Players are suspecting that Mirage will be performing a huge role in the teaser of Season 4 as Holograms is one of the Mirage’s abilities.

Everything will be cleared on January 21 – on the first day of teaser release.

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