Apex Legends leak reveals ‘replay-support’ in-game files, data miner reveals the newly added code in the back end of the game, players are expecting it to be the full replay-system to watch their matches back.

Replay system gives player and content creators many benefits one
of them, being is watching your match back and understanding what
you did wrong, and content creators can record the matches after playing

The first battle royale game to get replay system is Fortnite, and Apex players
are requesting Respawn for a replay system since the beginning of the game
but there was no sign of such feature until now.


Apex Legends leak reveals ‘replay-support’ enabled on the server

Recently a prominent data miner ‘Shrugtal‘ discovered a new line of code
in the Apex Legends server which is ‘replay-support’ however, there is no
confirmation on if it is a fully-fledged replay system or something related
to it.

Shrugtal tweets out the line of code on twitter with caption, “New server setting… replay support?”

What will be the Apex Legends replay system?

Well, everything is unclear until official confirmation but, a basic replay
system gives players ability to re-watch their matches and record it.

According to Dexerto‘s theory “This setting may be related to a specific replay mode for tournament spectating, perhaps for creating ‘replays’ of key moments in matches”

However, Respawn always tries to keep their player entertained with
new ideas and we will not be surprised if it turns out to be true and in
the next update we have a brand new Apex Legends Replay system.

If they do release this system it will be an opportunity for new content
creators who don’t have high-end pc to record and create content
after playing the match.

And we are very much sure because in the past week Respawn has
opened a new Vancouver based studio which will focus only on
Apex Legends.

Till any official statement we can only wait and expect that this comes true.

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