Apex legends new leak reveals Bloodhound & Crypto new ability and this new ability is very much similar o Pathfinder’s passive ability.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games in industry because of its legends
and their astonishing abilities which when used correctly can result in wins. All of the legends
serves different purposes in the match like defensive, offensive or recon.

The ability in question is for recon legends “Bloodhound & Crypto” – these legends focus on
slow and strategic play, like Crypto’s drone that can find players from miles away, well these
legends can also be a disadvantage in a fire-fight but, the recent Apex Legends leak reveals that Bloodhound & Crypto may be getting a new ability soon.


Bloodhound & Crypto New Ability

Reliable Apex Legends dataminer Biast12 revealed that there are in-game voice lines that show both Bloodhound and Crypto talking about using the Survey Beacons.

Survey Beacons are used to acknowledge the next safe zone something that was only accessible
by Pathfinder’s insider knowledge passive ability.

From a long time players were asking to get something like this to the two recon legends
Bloodhound & Crypto and it looks like they are finally getting it.

Well, even if these lines means that a new passive is on the way, but it doesn’t confirm
wether it will replace the current passive abilities of both the legends or they will be
getting two abilities or maybe this ability will only we accessible for a limited time.

Maybe, it will be added to their passive perk – something that every legend in-game have
other than both these recon legends.

Well, how it works and how it will fit in abilities is for Respawn to decide and it is not even
confirmed wether both these legends will be getting this ability or not, Anyhow we can only
wait for any official confirmation from Respawn.

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