Apex Legends L-Star 100% accuracy buff is revealed by a YouTuber from Season 5 update, this buff wasn’t mentioned in patch files also.

The recent Apex Legends Season 5 update is said to be one of the
biggest update with the return of King’s Canyon and introduction
of Loba, along with these, there were some tweaks done to weapons
also like the Spawn rate for Mastiff was lowered and it was mentioned
in the update patch notes.

However, a YouTuber claims that there has been some serious buff done
to L-Star off records, in season 4 the same gun was reported to be
overpowered and players were frustrated of how much light it emits
while shooting and also the absurd recoil system.


Apex Legends L-Star 100% accuracy buff off record?

YouTuber DistinctGamer101 claims that despite this buff is intentional
or accidental, you can use the gun without any doubt and give it a try,
you will love it.

DistrictGamer101 claims that a few guns have been made easier to use on ziplines, including the R-99, but the Apex Legends L-STAR in particular is “100% accuracy” in the air. This includes firing from ziplines, Launch Pads, and when in the air – he says.

This video confirms that L-star is bow 100% accurate while moving
i.e in air or jumping, this is completely opposite of what it was in the
last season.

“No weapons are 100% accurate except for one and that is the L-STAR,” he said, after some testing with different guns. “The L-STAR seemed to provide really accurate results from my testing, while I was jumping in the air, or while I was using a Launch Pad – even if I was on a zipline. I could hit my shots dead on every time.”

This single feature can make “Octane-Zipline” plays almost uncontrollable,
if in next couple of days you witness players jumping around on the launchpads
and ziplines and hitting 100% of their shots, you should not be surprised.

Anyhow, this Apex Legends L-Star 100% accuracy buff was off records which leaves a wide door for speculation about whether there are more such accidental buffs or not.

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