Apex legends instant death (new) bug: A new bug spot is discovered in Apex Legends that causes players to die instantly without even being knocked down.

Apex legends have been the most popular game since its release but it has a large number of bugs and glitches.

Some of them are not that major bugs but still, the game is full of it and in the recent post from Apex Legends.

They have announced that they are currently more focusing on fixing bugs because it has started the hype to die.

The Bug was found near the supply ship when three players were looting the supply ship one of them found that there are some death boxes stuck between the ship’s main body and in one of its thrusters.

They decided to loot those death boxes and as soon as they reach there they got eliminated and their boxes also stacked there.

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The kill feed shows that the players died because of being “Crushed” but their third teammate was still alive and they didn’t get any chance to revive they just eliminated instantly.

Apex legends Bug history

This is not the first bug which caused players to die instantly but there are also sine instances where we found that on certain places on the map players got eliminated instantly this is because of some coding issues in the game files.

These kinds of bugs can really destroy the game fun and hype I mean like what’s the point of looting if you die instantly without fighting just because you stepped on something or tried to loot the “Supple Ship” which meant to provide your supplies.

But the good thing is that Respawn is pretty much aware of there game-breaking issues and bugs and they are trying to fix as soon as possible because apex legends have got so much attention and player base in a small interval of time.

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