Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event New Skins, Animations, and Heirloom Unveiled

Apex Legends Season 16 will include another collection event, Imperial Guard. Everything we know about the event is listed below, including skins, animation, and heirloom.

Collection events have become a regular feature of Apex Legends seasons, delivering a variety of skins, animations, and other perks to Respawn’s battle royale.

Season 16 will be no exception, with Revelry’s roadmap stating that the Imperial Guard collection event will take place throughout the season’s duration.

The Imperial Guard Collection event will be accompanied by the Sun Squad and Veiled Collection events, but because it will most likely come first, here’s all we know about it.


What is the release date for upcoming Apex Legends event?

The Release date is unknown right now.

But, given on what we know and the fact that the mixtape Playlist will include Imperial Guard, we can make a rather accurate assumption.

TDM would have its own playlists for a few weeks before being replaced by Mixtape, according to Respawn.

The release date was leaked and is thought to match, making March 21 a possible release date for the release of the Imperial Guard Collection event.

This hasn’t been confirmed, and it won’t be until Respawn or EA make an official announcement.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event leaks: skins, animations & Wraith Heirloom set

We know almost all of the content that is currently planned for Imperial Guard thanks to reputable data miner Senos.

Nevertheless, this is subject to change based on the development process and will remain unverified until Respawn publishes the specifics officially. For the time being, though, we can expect a slew of new legendary frames, emojis, holograms, and skins for Wraith, Loba, Gibraltar, and Revenant.

Hope’s Dawn appears to be another heirloom for Wraith. This will be paired with a mythical frame and a “Practice makes perfect” statement.

We also received our first glimpse of the weapon skins that will be available throughout the event. The Cerulean Slayer and Cursed Guardian are two of the most innovative and gorgeous designs.

As of now, this is the only piece of information we have on this upcoming event, but we will update this article if any further news comes up.

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