A Reddit user has shared his Caustic trick, which lets him see through Banglore smoke
and it is super easy to pull out.

Caustic’s tactical ability – Nox Gas Trap is one of the most infamous abilities in the game
because it has trapped every legend on the map since King’s canyon.

Well, a Reddit user has shared that this ability can be more effective and can even show
players hiding behind the Banglore smoke.

However Caustic can hold not more than six gas traps at a time.

Banglore smoke is now of no use

In Apex Legends smokes works exactly like CSGO where you can’t see the player behind the
smoke and also if you are inside the smoke you will have zero visibility.

The same was happening in Apex Legends for a long time but after this Reddit post
everything has changed, somehow Caustic is able to reveal the players hiding behind the

Apex Legends trick to see through Banglore Smoke

In the clip we see Banglore dropping smokes to cover his trails, but the Reddit user xxGURIxx
wasn’t having any of it at all.

He used Caustic’s Gas Trap as a thermal device for himself, as soon as Banglore threw her
smokes our trick master laid down the gas traps inside the smoke giving him visibility on players inside the smoke.

Use Caustic’s traps to see through Bangalore’s smoke guys from r/apexlegends

Well, before you guys go full IGI hold on because in order to use Caustic’s gas trap you need
to first enable it from cooldown.

Now, the effect is said to be intentional because it seems like the gas trap completely ignores
the part where Banglore lays her smoke.

Caustic’s gas traps are one of the deadliest abilities available in Apex Legends

Anyhow, whether it is intentional or not, you learned a new ability how to see through Banglore smoke, and if you have your Caustic unlocked you might want to give it a try.

Caustic is one of the most infamous legends in the game because of his deadly gas traps
which shows no mercy on any legend coming in his way.

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