Apex Legends – How to play Octane Guide.

Octane has been in talks since the release of Apex legends it Is one of the leaked characters and it is officially now available it costs 750 apex coins to unlock but before that, you need to buy a battle pass for season 1.

Today we will show you everything you need to know about Octane and how to use these abilities.

Octane is a High-speed daredevil and his character is all about speed from his abilities to everything.

Tactical ability: “STIM” which means he will move 20-30% faster than its normal speed for 6 seconds but you will deal with some health damage while using it.

Passive ability: “SWIFT MEND” IT will regenerate your health as long as you are not taking any kind of damage but you need to first use your tactical ability to trigger passive ability which can be either a bug or it just meant to be this way.

When you press the button assigned for the tactical ability you will see a green syringe which will attach to your heart and it will decrease within 6 seconds and during this 6 seconds, it will help you run 20-30% faster.

You have to be very careful while using it lets take an example, let’s just say you are in the middle of fire-fight now you can either loss 15-20% of your health or gain 20-30% speed to flank him from either side.

There is a basic rule in every FPS game that you run faster while carrying no weapon so pair your tactical ability without holding any gun and you can travel more distance.

Ultimate ability: “LAUNCHPAD” Octane have access to an ultimate ability which is the launch pad that catapults player through the air.

You can use jump pads into different variations you can use it to bounce grenades or jump towards your partner while you are knocked or your teammate is knocked to help him out.

You can not use your passive ability outside the zone because you will constantly deal damage and if you reach the safe zone you will again not regenerate health you need to use your STIM ability to trigger SWIFT MEND.

When you use a balloon and land on the launch pad you will not go any further you will reach the same distance as sliding normally on the launch pad.

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