Apex Legends players have found a new Horizon trick to reach new heights by combining her powerful Gravity Lift tactical ability and Octane’s Jump pad.

Apex Legends features a lot of cool and powerful legends which you can choose
to play, half of the game depends on what legend you choose, a legend decides
your playing style which then turns into victory.

Players always try out new moves by combining the abilities of two different legends.
combining their abilities makes them more powerful and sometimes do surprise other


The newest in the list is Horizon, debuting in season 7 she is the most compatible
legend till now, she can combine her abilities with almost everyone on the map
but if you combine her Gravity Lift tactical ability with Octane’s Jump pad you
can reach to a whole new height.

The same can be done using Loba’s abilities but while using her ability you need
to throw your Gravity lift directly onto the Jump pad, but using Horzion’s ability
you need to throw it nearby the Jump pad.

This new Horizon trick was pointed out by a Reddit user methylin1337  and it can break Apex Legends because once used correctly you will be soaring to heights which you could not achieve previously.

On top of the bonus height which makes Horizon difficult to hit she can also use her soft landing and Octane’s double jump to make incredible leaps. If you can master it, you will be a nightmare for your enemies.

Well, it is not that simple, to achieve something this powerful you do need to have some movement skills which is a very difficult task to perform but once you get the right rhythm you will be bamboozling enemies.

This can be a great surprise for your teammates as not much of the players really knows about this trick. So master your movement skills and surprise them with a victory.

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