Apex Legends maps have many places which are suitable for a certain Legend to hide in and one player has found a new hiding spot for Pathfinder near Lava Fissure in World’s Edge map.

Respawn Entertainment almost remastered the World’s Edge map in Season 4 update.

Despite being revamped there are still some untouched places which are same as the previous version of the map.

And one of those locations is Lava Fissure, Located at the North-West side of the new planet Harvester.

Lava Fissure compiles of a lot of Supply Bins which attracts a lot of players.

Which means early gunfight and if somehow an opponent gets to pick up the very same gun you were aiming for then what?

You have no other option than running away as far as possible.

But one of the Apex Legends players has found a unique hiding spot for pathfinder.

Apex Legends hiding spot for Pathfinder in Planet Harvester

Credit: Dexerto/EA

A Reddit user ‘Cpt_Bartholomew’ posted a video in APex Legends subreddit in which he showed us how you can easily slip into the main intersection of Lava Fissure if you have Pathfinder as your Legend.

You can use this spot in any of the two means either to protect yourself from the attacking squad or to attack a squad.

You can let the enemy squad loot and then jump on them to get an easily collected loot at one place, or if you are running away from a squad a needs a hiding spot very badly then this can come in handy.

Has anyone else found this hiding spot yet??? from r/apexlegends

Why is this a perfect spot? because there is Lava all around and no player would come looking for you there.

The only problem with this spot is that no other legend than pathfinder would be able to get there as it requires you to grapple the steel beam.

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