Apex Legends Hemlok nerf update: The nerf for one of the most requested weapons might be in works as one of the Apex Legends developers hints at an upcoming major change.

At the beginning of Apex Legends Season 7 a big patch was released fixing many weapons –
The L-STAR and Havoc received buffs, while the Hemlok and Triple Take were nerfed — though
many players are still complaining that the assault rifle is a bit too powerful.

The recoil of the weapon was slightly tweaked in the patch and also its headshot multiplier
was reduced. However, players are still finding themselves wiping out enemies especially
when it is fully stacked up.

YouTuber and Apex Legends content creator SoaR Kobi took it to Twitter and said that the Hemlok meta has “got to go,” and one of the producers at developer Respawn gave a very clear hint at what was to come.


Apex Legends currently have a ton of weapons and Hemlok assault rifle has been one of the
centre points of discussion because of it having too overpowered even after getting nerfs time
to time and players believes that developers need to nerf the weapon more to make it inline
with other weapons in the game.

After another streamer tagged Respawn producer Josh Medina in Kobi’s tweet, asking if
he “got us” with fixing the Hemlok meta, Medina’s response was quick and short, but very clear.

“Yessir,” he said to NoobKingSmith, indicating that yet another Hemlok nerf is on the way,
and it might settle the issue once and for all.

We may see this update very soon – from what we can speculate the weapon can’t be nerfed fully
at this time but can be tweaked a little bit to make it in line with other weapons. Also, there is no
exact date mentioned as when Apex Legends Hemlok nerf will be live – the Season 8 update is not
making its way until February so we may have to wait till February.

Anyhow we will update you with the situation so make sure to follow us on Twitter.

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