Apex Legends free Sentinel Charge up bug is destroying the game for other players who are unaware of this.

Apex Legends players have discovered a new Sentinel glitch that allows them to charge the weapon for free.

While the Sentinel has already encountered problems in Apex Legends, this current one makes the weapon significantly more effective in battle royale skirmishes.

Respawn Entertainment published the Spellbound Collection Event in the middle of Apex Legends Season 15. While this new version includes a slew of new cosmetics, the Control LTM, and private matches for all players, it also includes a few balance tweaks.

Among the changes is a reduction in the number of shield cells required for charging your Sentinel from two to one.

Despite the fact that this adjustment was intended to improve the Sentinel, another unintentional modification was applied to the gun, which may have made it powerful.

Apex Legends free Sentinel Charge up glitch

Players noticed that the Sentinel could be charged for free with the launch of the new Spellbound Collection Event in Apex Legends, implying that no shield cells were required to Energize the sharpshooter.

This is a big change because powering the snipers allows it to fire Amped shots with much-increased damage.

However, it should be noted that to access the free Sentinel charge, players must always be outfitted with a gold body shield.

This bug was even depicted in a Reddit post by flapjack626.

The guy in the video acquired a gold body shield but nothing else from the Firing Range floor loot.

They then took a Sentinel from a nearby gun rack and charged it despite having no shield cells in their possession.

After activating the gun, they fired multiple shots at one of the test dummies, demonstrating that the Amped mechanism worked as intended.

Apparently, this latest Sentinel malfunction has piqued the interest of many Apex Legends players. The post by flapjack626 has already received over 1K upvotes, with many discussing the consequences of this problem.

Some players speculated that this problem meant Respawn Entertainment will temporarily remove the gun from the game.

Furthermore, some people questioned if the bug existed outside of the Firing Range.

Following these inquiries, several users claimed to have tested it in the battle royale with the same effects.

It’ll be fascinating to watch how the developer reacts to the latest Sentinel flaw. 

Because nothing in the patch notes mentions charging the weapon for free, it appears to be an unexpected consequence of the upgrade. 

While some gamers demand buffs for the pistol, this may be going too far. 

However, when a patch is implemented remains to be seen, as Respawn Entertainment has been dealing with other difficulties, such as unreliable servers following the introduction of the Spellbound Collection Event in Apex Legends.

Spellbound Event Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mirage decoys not showing shield regen fx when near a Wattson Pylon or in Control or Gun Game modes.
  • 10 new Welcome Challenges added to help new players learn Apex.
  • New “Apex 101” badge reward for completing all 10 Welcome Challenges.
  • Changing characters in the Firing Range now has a smoother third-person transition.
  • Fixed rare issue with Mobile Respawn Beacon sometimes spawning the Dropship out of bounds.
  • Fixed issue with ability previews when entering Phase Portals.
  • Doors now always appear as damaged when they’re one melee attack away from being destroyed.
  • Caustic Town Takeover loot canisters now behave more reliably in Control Mode.
  • Reduced the VFX of Caustic’s gas flash. 
  • Fixed rare client crash with IMC Armories.
  • Fixed the raven in Bloodhound’s Niflheim Hundr skin to appear as white more reliably.
  • DirectX 12 beta: added support for the Brightness slider in all Display Modes.
  • DirectX 12 beta: Fixed crash with setting.mat_backbuffer_count “0” in videoconfig.txt settings. Note that Apex Legends running in DirectX 11 (DX11) requires the operating system to use an additional buffer for compositing, which was not counted in mat_backbuffer_count. DX12 includes that required buffer in mat_backbuffer_count, so DX12 in full-screen mode with “1” will be just as low latency as DX11 with “0”.
  • Fixed issue where Crypto could inspect while using their drone removing the HUD.
  • Fixed issue where the lobby tabs would enter an unresponsive state after changing resolution on PC.
  • Adjusted hold and tap logic for controller players viewing weapons in Loadouts to be more responsive.

Read the full event document here.

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