Apex Legends developers are planning to nerf the most ‘unbalanced’ legend of the game – Lifeline in Season 9. Currently, it has the overpowered passive and an underwhelming ultimate.


  • Apex Legends Season 8 is going to end soon and it will be the start of Season 9.
  • We already know that many nerfs and buffs are coming up in Season 9 including the most requested Lifeline nerf.

Apex Legends Season 9 is still a couple of weeks away, but Apex Legends developers
are already revealing their plans for the upcoming season 9 – including multiple
nerfs and buffs.

It was already confirmed that some Legends like Gibraltar and Horizon will be getting
some nerfs. However, according to the latest from developers, it looks like the most
requested and unbalanced legend – Lifeline will also be getting some nerfs.

Apex Legends players have been frustrated with Lifeline’s passive ability, Combat Revive, It allows her to deploy a drone to revive teammates and shield them from damage in the process. The consensus is it’s too overpowered and needs a nerf.

And her ultimate is a little too overwhelming and has been in that state for a very long
time now. Fortunately, from the developers recent statement it is confirmed that she might
be getting some nerfs.


“I think we should try a version without the shield and see how that goes,” they said, in response to a question about Lifeline’s passive. However, they understand removing it completely might “gut her,” so they’re also flirting with the idea of adding a “per-teammate cooldown” to the shield.

This is not all, according to the statement, the developers also plan to give her
“meme” ultimate, which looks at a squad’s loot and guarantees at least one upgrade,
a much-needed buff.

“We got a playlist in testing… that does some smart things about the ultimate,” they said. “All we had to do was [apply] a minimum of smarts to picking what’s in it, and suddenly the skill was good.

“I’m not gonna talk about it much more because the earliest it might ship is Season 9. But I’m hopeful, as someone who plays a lot of Lifeline and wishes her tactical and ultimate wasn’t memes.”


So, it is now confirmed that Lifeline is going to be nerfed and hopefully more
players will try playing Lifeline now.

There is already a lot of things planned for upcoming season 9 and this two months
window might not be enough to test everything on the line, but hopefully the developers
will find a way to test and release all these changes.

We will update you if anything else comes up from the developers or any other official, so follow us on Twitter to stay updated.

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