Apex Legends developer reveals why they do not communicate directly, it is because of “negative” and “toxic” community players – who always criticize developers for whatever they do and he also mentions that it is a very small portion of the community.

Direct communication between players and Apex Legends developers has always been a bit
uncomfortable and a developer from the team has come forward to reveal their side of the reason to avoid direct communication.

He says that nowadays most of the developers from the team avoids direct communication because of the
behaviour of certain players of the community.


Daniel Klein, a Senior Game Designer at Respawn, who focuses primarily on Legend balance is one of the
most active developers from the team on Social media – you can find him always engaging and answering
players query but on December 4 he posted something strange, in the reply he addresses “negative” and “toxic” community players.

He revealed this while answering a question from a player (as always), asking if Respawn could “bring along someone who can speak to the pricing model, bundle trend, and generally horrible store?”

Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein reveals why they do not communicate directly

The Respawn dev weighed in, responding: “No offense, but many of the people who make those decisions just don’t want to come to Reddit for how they’re treated here. It should be clear that it’s not in my job description to be here either: I do it because I want to, but I want to be very careful not to make it into an expectation for other devs.”

The gaming community is all about players feedback and even if a small portion of the community spreads
hatred it demotivates the team – Klein has made clear that he can not speak for other developers but
he is certainly true about this negative portion of the community.

“Even if it’s not as bad as the stuff I quoted, the constant barrage of negativity and people telling you you
suck at your job, asking for you to be fired, calling you names, etc,” he continued, “it will wear you down
and people sometimes have serious psychological trauma when they feel pressured to expose themselves
to this negativity even when they don’t feel up to it.”

Responses to Klein’s comment were mixed. One Redditor argued that: “You’re basically saying, “some
people at Respawn have thin skin and would rather avoid player feedback entirely than attempt to
be accountable”. That’s pretty disheartening to read.”

Klein, though, stuck by his comments, finishing: “I’m saying people aren’t getting paid to have insults
yelled at them and I’m here as an extracurricular. No one owes you their time.”


Direct communication is always needed for any game to succeed but many players are here to just
criticize developers for every single mistake that they do. This topic was started after the arrangement
of bundles in the Holo-Day Bash event. The bundles appear to deliberately put matching skins in
different bundles, meaning players have to buy more than one bundle to acquire matching cosmetics.

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