An Apex Legends developers have revealed Respawn Entertainment old plans for the new Olympus map.

After months of waiting for a new destination for players to battle, players were
finally gifted with a new map “Olympus” in Season 7, it is the third map in the game.

The map has become very much popular in between players, however, still, there are
many players who like to play the old King’s Canyon map.

The new map is not much different than King’s Canyon and World’s edge map, it
has the same sniper spots, close-quarter areas and plenty of verticalities to boot as
well with spots like Oasis. But according to devs, it was not the same while in development.


Jason McCord, the game director at Respawn, has shared some images of the old plans for Olympus map from its development days back in 2019, when the game was released.

The early image resembles part of the map that in-game now – with the volcano-like Central Turbine, Phaserunner portals, and Riftall taking pride of place. However, if you watch closely at the distance you’ll see cities instead of clouds. It actually looks similar to the images used in one of Loba’s teasers.

McCord responds to one of the fans pointing out the clouds in background, he explains
that developers were using clouds as a background rather than an extension of the map.
“Artists wanted to try showing lots of floating cities around in the distance, but it was too confusing so we just used clouds,” he said. 


In the original map those clouds are now replaced with cities, just imagine a player
dropping in the clouds just to find out that he is the first player to be eliminated from
the game due to falling off the map.

The point to note here is that even after being in development for an year there were
no news or leaks from leakers or officials and maybe they maybe working on any
other new secret map.

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