Apex Legends players have been facing console lag and freezing problem lately, This is what developers have to say about the problem.

Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation has already boosted the battle royale game with new legend and new weapons.

And also Developers at Respawn Entertainment have addressed many bugs like major level 500 crash bug, floating in mid-air error.


All of these didn’t bother console players but recently console players are facing a console lag and freezing bug making the game “unplayable”.

The Reddit user “tlawless001” was the first one to address this bug.

He posted a video of Apex Legends being literally “unplayable” for console players.

he said “The state of Apex right now. It is absolutely unplayable on the console. Every single game it freezes and lags randomly. This is what I experience all the time.”

Then, he also backed up his view with more videos showing the same issue.

These kinds of issues can be a huge problem when a player is in mid-combat or trying hard not get outrun by fast-paced zone.

Some players showered more light on the issue by mentioning more look-alike issues. “One game my whole squad died due to the game freezing for a bit then we died shortly after. A lot of frame loss too,” commented sourcreambeam.

Console lag and freezing fix coming soon

Some players did mention that developers are taking feedback on the issue, with developer Josh Medina tweeting that a possible fix for the stuttering is in the works and could be released on Monday, February 10.


Whatever it is we won’t have to wait long for it as Monday is right around the corner.

Luckily this time Apex Legends developers didn’t take much time to address the issue which is annoying its players.

And we hope that it gets fixed Tomorrow.

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