Apex Legends dev Season 8 Livestream has revealed an unreleased weapon, the weapon is not introduced in the Livestream but can be seen in the background.


  • Season 8 Trailer of Apex Legends is released.
  • Many weapons have been nerfed in this season update.
  • During Season 8 developer livestream players have spotted an unreleased weapon.

Apex Legends have a habit of revealing weapons at the beginning of every season. However,
from last year they have slowed down on this, but their recent Livestream might have released
another upcoming weapon.

The weapon looks quite bulky for such a small size

During the Apex Legends dev Livestream, we had a sneak peek of “bulky” weapon, which is not
available in the game right now. However, despite being bulky in design the weapon appears to
be shorter than any other weapon of that size.

But, even though we had a brief pause on the weapon, developers did not introduce the weapon
in any way nor even, they tried to force the attention towards it.

However, if the weapon turns out to be a future instalment, still there is no confirmation
whether we will be seeing it in this season or not. Respawn has already tried these tactics
in the past like with the 30-30 Repeater it was actually first spotted in the Season 6 dev stream,
so two seasons prior to it being released, which means this mysterious new weapon might not be
unveiled until Season 10, or even beyond that.

Or maybe, this is just to distract viewers and force data miners to focus more on the weapons
section like they did many times earlier.

Anyhow, if we get any further details or confirmation on this topic we will keep updating you.
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