Forge and Conduit are the names of two new Apex legends characters leaked by data-miner ‘Shrugtal‘.

Apex legends is a big name when it comes to Battle Royale games, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the game has also been sourced for many leaks at the same time.

Since, the release of Apex legends, the game has released three legends one for each season and all of them were leaked before being released in-game.

And by following this tradition data-miner ‘Shrugtal’ has leaked two new upcoming apex legends characters.

Forge and Conduit are the names of two unreleased characters.

Abilities of Leaked legends Forge

Forge is said to be an “augmented brawler” who has a total of 6 abilities rather than following the three ability pattern.

It looks like the developer is still figuring out the top 3 most effective abilities of the unreleased character “Forge”.

Pull Shot: A short-range grapple to pull an enemy towards yourself or to boost yourself in air.

Ground Slam: Crouch mid-air to slam on the ground.

K.O. Punch: Jump towards the enemy and crouch mid-air to slam onto the enemy.

One-Two: Run in one direction and if you hit an enemy while doing so, press the same key again to boost yourself in air.

One the Ropes: It gives you temporary overshield during melee combats.

Victory Rush: It provides you 30% speed boost for 10 seconds and restores your health only if you kill an enemy through a melee attack.

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Abilities of Apex legends Leaked legend Conduit

Conduit appeared to be an “Overshield conductor” in game files.

Which clarifies that he would be a fully supportive legend rather than being an offensive or defensive legend.

Tactical: Arc Flash: Distributes damage equally over Conduit’s Shield giving his teammates some time to get up.

Passive: Capacitance: Conduit’s Health bar is divided into two parts percentage:

50% of it indicates health and other 50% indicates Shield power.

He can regenerate Shield’s power over time.

Ultimate: Short Circuit: Conduit converts its shield into a magnetic shield ball which attracts the shield of enemies.

Now, the main question

When will the two unreleased legends be released?

As of Respawn Tradition of releasing a new legend with a new season, we can’t say exactly when these characters will be seen in-game.

But, the data-miner said that he found some files which suggest forge will be released in Season 4.

But, it doesn’t seem to be possible as Forge is way more uncomplete than Conduit.

So, with that said let’s see when these characters are featured in Apex legends or will they become just two more characters in the unreleased characters list of Apex legends.

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