Apex Legends Bloodhound Prestige glitch resetting progress is finally getting fixed

Apex Legends Bloodhound Prestige glitch is giving players a hard time keeping their progress saved – the new glitch has been resetting all the progress made on Bloodhound.

Respawn launched a new Bloodhound skin in Season 12 which was also a very controversial skin.

The new skin is one of the most expensive skins available in Apex Legends, players can unlock this skin only after completing the entire Anniversary Collection event.

This skin costs $160, in that amount of money you can get 24 other Legend and weapon skins.

Once the skin is unlocked, you can grind tiered upgrades by getting damage in-game while playing as Bloodhound. These should change the color of the skin — but should be the keyword.

But, the bad news is that this challenge’s progress is broken.


As soon as Bloodhound skin was available to unlock in the game, players rushed to unlock it and complete tier 1 but the problem starts from the Damage challenge which was completely undoable because of a glitch.

Some players claimed that damage did not start to accrue towards the 30,000 damage required until after they had restarted their game completely. Even after a restart, progress on the challenge was randomly reset.

“I play a couple of games, the tracker counts, I check again and it’s back to 0,” one player explained.

Some experienced this glitch at the beginning of the challenge while some got to experience it halfway through the challenge.

Apex Legends content creator KralRindo reported that their damage was reset from 18,000 back to zero.

“it looks like there is a glitch that resets bloodhound skin challenge, I had 18k damage and it’s just… gone” says KralRindo.

Bloodhound Prestige glitch Fix

Luckily, Respawn has acknowledged this glitch and is working towards fixing the Bloodhound Prestige glitch.

“We are aware of a bug with the Bloodhound Prestige Skin where the damage counter resets in some cases. There is a fix in progress, and we plan to deploy it early next week,” they said on Twitter.

However, there is also a piece of bad news for players who are halfway through the challenge – the progress can’t be recovered.

“In the meantime, we are working on a make-good for lost progress—stay tuned for more details,” they added.

As per Resawn players should hold on for a bit to rank up their Bloodhound Skin otherwise all their effort might go in vain.

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