Apex Legends players have discovered a new update to Bloodhound Beast of the hunt ultimate ability.

This new update of Bloodhound’s ultimate let you see the shield colours in their ultimate.

Battle Royale is at its peak now and games like PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends are dominating the genre.

One thing that sets Apex Legends apart from the other two big battle royale games is the ability to select different legends.

Each legend has its own abilities to dominate the game.

There are legends like Mirage – Good for both defensive and offensive playstyle.

Then, there is wraith – Can open Portal to travel faster.

Lifeline – Always ready for any medic support.

Pathfinder – A robot which can turn the game for you.

And Bloodhound is one of them.


It was one of the most popular ones back in time when the game was launched.

But, as time moved so does he.

Recently some players have found an update in Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt Ultimate and this might revive the warrior.

In an Apex Legends subreddit post, user th3professional showcased that the Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability is letting the player see what level of armor is around them by showing off the respective colour level.

In normal settings, one can easily spot the difference between blue and purple but not white and gold,

while in tritanopia color-blind settings, every colour looks clean and can be easily differentiated.

Bloodhound “Beast of the Hunt” ultimate update

While replying to this post many Redditors mentioned some ways which can make this more helpful.

“Would be cool if he could tell the shield color with his ultimate on enemy players,”

JustAPotato2001 added: “Instead of the Gibby buff, this could have been a potential buff to Bloodhound.”

Of course, this can be a bug and nothing much because Respawn hasn’t confirmed or made any statement regarding this.

But, this will be the first bug which is helping players in a good way.

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