Bangalore Guide | Tips & Tricks to be best apex legends Bangalore Playmaker

Bangalore is fast, energetic and can evade fire-fights in seconds and here are some tips and tricks you can use to consume her full ability.

Let’s first look at her abilities. With   Bangalore’s passive, you can get a speed boost while getting shots during sprinting and it is helpful for getting out of any combat.

Bangalore’s primary ability is to form smoke clouds to block vision for the enemy it has a ridiculous level of ability.

Bangalore’s ultimate ability lays down slow-moving artillery from above which still damages to anybody coming in between it.

Bangalore is a very dangerous legend in close cause situations. With here passive ability she is ridiculous in dogging and passing between buildings


  1. Bangalore Passive: You don’t actually need to get shot to get a speed boost its just that bullets need to land close to you. One thing that is essential is you need to be sprinting before you get shot at to get the speed boost.

Like if you know there is just you and one other guy and you don’t know his location you can sprint so that if he shots. You get to know his position and also dodged his bullet and while shooting at you he might be out of bullet so you get a chance to rush to him and shot him right in the face, hope this tactic will work pair this tactic with a smoke launcher and boom you give a headshot.

  • Smoke launcher: It can be used for two different purposes that are defensive purposes and offensive purposes.

Let’s see Defensive first

You can use smoke grenade to hide inside while you heal yourself or your teammate or loot items safely but while doing this always keep your ears open and listen to the footsteps as soon as you hear any footsteps approaching you to get out of the smoke take out your shotgun or SMG look for the enemy and give him a headshot.

You can also use smoke to rush buildings just throw some smoke inside so that players inside don’t have any idea of what’s coming then get someone to throw grenades.

Bloodhound ability can see through smokes so if you are fighting against bloodhound then don’t ever sit inside the smoke.

You can also use a smoke grenade to evade a fire-fight you can throw a smoke grenade in between you and your enemy to distract him from following you.

Offensive: So if you are in a situation of combat and you are getting shot at so as soon as you get your speed boost throw smoke grenade in front of you to go around the smoke and flank from the left or right.

Bangalore have such easy escape plays you can use to get in and out of any fire-fight.

Bangalore’s ALT is one of the best AOE damage abilities in the game when you use it you can throw a grenade to quite a long distance but you need to plan it before you throw it. It takes some time to activate after throwing Basically there is two rounds shot from the above the first round shows the projectile or markers that where bullets will be landing so many people thinks after the first round it’s over and run back into it you can use it to the third party any two team fighting.

Thanks for reading. If you get any benefit from Apex Legends Bangalore Guide let us know in the comments.

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