A Developer from Respawn has confirmed an upcoming Apex Legends Badging system update. However, they have not revealed much about it.


  • Apex Legends players have been asking for a badging system update for a very long time.
  • Recently, a developer from the game has teased an upcoming update in Season 9 including the long-awaited badge system update.

Apex Legends being one of the most played and loved game in the market – constantly
receives updates both minor and major.

Much of these updates are major changes – new character, new maps, new weapons,
ability changes, and weapon tweaks. However, players also ask for some minor updates
which make the game even better.

Some of these minor changes – like being able to clear all new notifications, damage counter,
and changing the colorblind mode to help more people – have been implemented, but players
are always looking for more and more changes.

Legends like Fuse has been added to the game, but players want more of these small changes

Anyhow, one of these extra small changes is soon going to be fulfilled after the release of Season 9.
one developer has teased an Apex legends Badge system update.

This new wish for system change was received after the launch of Chaos Theory event
trailer, players asked developers to fix the badge system and that it might give the game
a new life. After that, one of the developers revealed their big plan.

“This feature is not the only love that I gave the badge system,” said Respawn dev RobotHavGunz, teasing the new change. “It’s a long-standing request. But it’s not coming until Season 9.”


Soon after this tease, many players quickly speculated on what the tease could be referring to.
“Seeing what squad members’ badges are for on mouseover, perhaps?” asked one fan.
“More badges displayed on a banner?” another suggested.

As of now, players can only add up to 3 badges at a time to display on the banner, which
players believes is a bit limiting. However, Respawn in the past has said that adding more
badges onto the banner can be quite tricky as it can mess with the banner frame and
certain animations.

Apart from this, there has been no single word on the topic from any of the developers,
which leaves everyone in the state of speculation and looking at the launch time of
season 9 – it is pretty far from now, so we have to wait until any further piece of information is released in the public domain or the Season 9 itself launches.

For the date of the beginning of Season 9 – Season 8 is supposed to end on the 3rd of May and we assume the next season to start from that day only, which leaves us with more than a month of waiting for the next season and this update.

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