Apex Legends’ new leak suggests that Ash is going to receive the next new heirloom in the upcoming game event.

While the gameplay is still the most important part of Apex Legends, cosmetics are almost indispensable for many players who love to collect all the skins.

The Mythic-grade Heirloom, on the other hand, is more valuable than any cosmetic in the game.

These exceedingly uncommon collectibles feature one-of-a-kind animations created exclusively for the legend who owns them. Thus it’s safe to say that when something new is released in conjunction with the collection event, the community becomes thrilled.

Well, according to a reliable leaker, Ash will be the next Legend to receive an Heirloom in Apex Legends.

Upcoming Ash Heirloom details


According to the leak, the Imperial Guard Collection event will bring Wraith Kunai to the Outlands on March 7, therefore many players have been wondering who would get the next Heirloom after this update.

Well, reliable leaker, KralRindo has revealed that Ash will be the next candidate for a brand-new Heirloom.

While the design of the Myth tier item is unknown at this time, the code hints that the Incisive Instigator will eventually obtain the heirloom.

As for the release date, it’s impossible to know but it’s likely to arrive in season 16 after the Royal Guard Collection event will end on March 21

While this news sparked excitement among the community, it also saddened others who expected Horizon to be the next replacement.

However, Respawn has stated that when it comes to designing heirlooms, it does not adhere to the release order of Legends.

So that is all from the current leak on the upcoming Ash heirloom but we will update this article as more news regarding the heirloom unfolds.

Ash is an offensive character who first appeared in Apex Legends Season 11 Escape. She not only comes with a variety of skins but also a new set of skills to shake up the battlefield, the majority of which involve the use of her iconic throwable weapon. These characteristics, along with others, make her an appealing option for offensive players.

Ash Abilities:

  • Passive: Marked for Death
  • Tactical: Arc Snare
  • Ultimate: Phase Breach