Apex Legends 100% accuracy glitch is breaking in-game’s mechanics – this new exploit is giving players almost no recoil which is turning every weapon into an ultimate beast.

2019 launched Battle Royale game has shaped itself as one of the best three-man battle royale game over the years and it is still giving a tough competition to others in the same genre.

However, none of the game is untouched by some game breaking exploits and bugs.

And the same goes with Apex Legends, in the past, we have witnessed many exploits and bugs that players used in their favour to win matches or to annoy others on the map.

This new Apex Legends 100% accuracy glitch/exploit is giving players hard time playing a fair game.


This new exploit caught the eye of a Reddit user TIGJCthagod, according to him – if you shoot one bullet with the scope on from any of your deadly automatic weapons present on the map and then unscope while shooting – the following few shots will have no-recoil at all.

As this video got some lime light, other players mentioned that the issue has been around for a while, and that it’s simply become a part of the game because Respawn hasn’t addressed it.

“This totally makes sense and I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing this without even knowing,” commented user HowManyMoreLetters.

Another Reddit user commented that he believes that this glitch has shaped many players aim., “This definitely is a glitch but I feel like it’s been in the game so long that peoples aim has unconsciously developed using this tactic”

However, many made suggestions to flag the video to Respawn Entertainment.

But there is no official statement released from Respawn on this topic. Also, the fix is not listed on their public Trello board. We can only wait and see if the developers address this issue and release a fix for it in the upcoming Season 9.

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