If you are looking for All Treasure Chests locations in GTA Online on Cayo Perico, you have landed on the best page, in this article we have all the pin point locations mentioned so keep reading.

Cayo Perico heist is the most benefical ever quest for GTA online fans, giving players a lot of
opportunities to earn a lot of cash is what this quest is all about. The quest features a ton of
different tasks which rewards you more cash than regular missions.

For example, these Treasure Chests have a whopping $15,000 rewards each and if you buy
the mini-sub add-on for the massive Kosatka submarine, you’ll be able to find daily underwater
caches that are worth $7,500 cash and it also boosts your RP a little bit.

These chests are not very hard to find if you know where to looks for. Here is list of all locations.


All Treasure Chests locations in GTA Online

Daily Chest – Locations

You need to find two chests each day – one on the island of Cayo Perico itself, and one that will be in the water next to the island.

The developers did have left multiple clues for you to look around, Like, you’ll hear the subtle
sound of bells ringing as you get close by. Once you get really close, you’ll get a prompt on-screen
to help you open the chest.

There are 10 locations as to where the chests can be, and most importantly they do rotate daily.
However, GTA YouTuber GTAMen has already put them together for the on-land locations.

  1. Head to Cayo Perico to scope out the island
  2. Take a walk around that spot until you hear bells
  3. Keep walking in that area until you get an on-screen message
  4. Open the chest and claim the $15,000!

Underwater Chest – Locations

The process/step is same for this one also, Bells will ring when you get nearby, and then you’ll be
able to open it.

As these treasure chests are hidden underwater, so definitely grab some rebreathers before diving
in, However, GTAMen has got the locations, so check these out on a daily basis.

That is all for now, so two main things – do not forget your rebreather and second always keeps your
ears open for any Bell Chim and also do connect with you on Twitter to get more such tips.

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