The craze of PUBG is skyrocketing because of the new update (PUBG: New state) announcement. The update is for both iOS and Android. Every detail including all-new features, maps, and release date are here.

It has been downloaded over 700 million times all over the world since 2018. The most popular battle royale PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds is no small part of the free-to-play game.

With the promising future of “ the most realistic graphics available for mobile gaming”, PUBG: New state is coming in 2021.

PUBG New State release date

PUBG: New State got a surprise announcement by PUBG Studio on Thursday, February 25, 2021.

It will be directly announced by the creators of the original PC and console game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Preregistration is open now but the official date is not announced yet. But the players won’t have to wait too long. But it is certain that it will come in 2021.

PUBG New State trailers

Players have already experienced the pre-order trailer of PUBG: New state. Now players have a rough idea of the upcoming update in 2021.

The gritty experience that PUBG fanatics have come to understand and love continues to be there, however, the appearance of the environment plenty extra futuristic, and they’re full of new technology, vehicles, and guns in order to no question decorate gameplay.

As with different struggle royale titles, New State will deliver as many as one hundred survivors to every match. Using various guns and tactics, they ought to face off till one participant remains, even as additionally warding off the ever-shrinking Blue Zone.

A 2nd trailer was released on July 8, showcasing even extra of New State’s frantic gameplay.

What is difference?

Unlike the present-day video games withinside the PUBG franchise, which can be set in cutting-edge times, New State will catapult gamers into the year 2051, which means pretty plenty may have modified considering the fact that the remaining set foot withinside the PUBG universe. In maintaining the futuristic experience of the game, there may be numerous new functions for the Mobile collection together with drones that supply loot, motorcycles stimulated with the aid of using TRON, fight rolls, and the cap potential to apply a deployable shield.

One of the most important additions may be the cappotential to adjust guns inside a match, which sounds much like the manner Apex Legends’ weapon attachments work. Expect overall performance upgrades and grenade launcher attachments.

PUBG Studio has promised “ultra-sensible pictures that push the bounds of cell gaming” way to Global Illumination rendering technology, in addition to sensible gunplay that’s optimized for cell gaming.

New map Troi

PUBG: New State will take gamers to the latest map known as Troi. We don’t recognize an excessive amount of approximately it yet, however from what we’ve visible withinside the trailer, it’s a sprawling metropolis with a combination of suburban residing and greater herbal areas. The map is 8×8, a comparable length to Erangel and Miramar from the mainline PUBG game, and could characteristic lots of places for game enthusiasts to discover which include a metropolis hall, restaurants, and a purchasing mall.

How to preregister for PUBG New State

We won’t have a launch date for New State, however, Android customers can already preregister their hobby in the sport at the Google Play Store. iOS customers will need to wait for a touch longer so that it will do the same.

 There’s a respectable incentive to preregistering, too, as all and sundry who does so earlier than the sport’s launch gets get the right of entry to a Limited Vehicle Skin.

That’s the whole lot we recognize approximately PUBG: New State for now. We’ll maintain this text up to date as quickly as any new leaks, announcements, or launch dates are announced, so take a look at it again quickly.

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