Intelligence folders are the super-easy way to make profitable cash in Escape from Tarkov but not everyone knows where to find this and to solve this issue one YouTuber has pointed out the exact locations to find these folders.

Escape from Tarkov is a game of survival yet money-making, there are plenty of ways to
play this game – you can be hunting for kills, you can just stick to looting part or you can
destroy someone’s day by exit camping.

Well, it all depends upon you, Anyhow, if you choose to be a looter rather than a hunter then,
there are plenty of items in the game which can male you easy and a lot of money in the flea market.

One of those items is ‘intelligence folders’ which is worth a few hundred rubbles in the flea market.


But many of the players don’t exactly know where to find these intelligence folders in Escape from Trakov.

Where to find intelligence folders in Escape from Tarkov

YouTuber ‘ KARRY’ has pointed out some points on the Reserve raid map where you can
find easy money making folders on the Raid map, they can also be found on Labs, but KARRY
mentions that the admission price is not worth it compared to Reserve.

Ok so now there are a total of 10 locations where these intelligence folders spawn spread all
across the map, they will be placed over tables or either in crates, picking one of them will
take two inventory slots but each one of them worth around 170,000-180,000.

So, you can find two of these folders in Queen building, some in the Helicopter area that is
opposite to it and the most number of folders you can find is near the Dome – with three on
top of each other and some under the tunnel.

These intelligence folders serve two different options, one is you can either sell it on the Flea
Market at the price we discussed earlier or you can use it level you Intelligence centre.

Levelling up Intelligence centre will allow you to craft these folders but as KARRY suggest they aren’t worth it.

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