Epic Games has rolled out their v12.30 update and our Dataminers has leaked some
Fortnite skins & Cosmetics and a bunch of music kits from the game files.

In the v12.30 Fortnite has added a bunch of music kits and Deadpool skin variants.
The patch note is half full of Deadpool cosmetics and skins. There is a Deadpool Battle bus,
Deadpool skins variants and many more.

Also, there are some leaks about Kingsman x Fortnite as a ‘Kingsman umbrella’ is added in-game.

Fortnite V12.30 leaked skins

Two of our known leakers ‘Lucas7Yoshi‘ & ‘VastBlast‘, have leaked all the skins, back bling, gliders, emotes, and other cosmetics that players will be able to pick up.


In the game’s files there is also a ‘Deadpool Battle Bus’

Deadpool Battle Bus

Fortnite New Weapons

There are three new weapons added to the game files. One of them is legendary Deadpool Dual pistol.

As far as we know this is a Deadpool Theme event and we might see it very soon.

Leaked Battle Royale Items

There are three new Battle Royale items which are again from Dead


Fortnite V12.30 leaked wraps

Players can now customize their weapons with new wraps – there are four new wraps
Chocolatey, Crafted Cardboard, Frangles and Shooting Gallery.

Leaked Fortnite Wraps fro V12.30 patch

Fortnite V12.30 leaked pickaxes

There is a total of three new pickaxes, one of them is made out of cardboard.


Apart from all these, there are also some leaked backbilings in the files to match new skins set and a handful of emotes.

There are a lot of new UI icons.

Fortnite v12.30 leaked Gliders

There are a handful of Gliders – one of them is made out of Bubble wraps and other looks like some ancient gliders.

There are some new Placeholders but it is still unknown what they are for.

There are a bunch of Music kits in this update.

However, it is still unknown if these Fortnite Leaked Skins and Cosmetics will be added to the store or not.

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