Despite the ban of PUBG Mobile eSports in India a UAE based eSports Organization Galaxy Racer has announced their Indian Roster featuring some of the big names like Owais and Maxkash.

Galaxy Racer is a UAE based eSports organization which have rosters from 22 different countries around the globe including India.

The organization competes in many big PC game titles like Dota 2, CSGO, Fortnite, League of Legends and Rocket League.

However, they are also planning to make their presence in mobile games, currently, Galaxy Racer has a team for Free Fire and have recently announced their India PUBG Mobile eSports Roster.

The new roster features Two ex-Fnatic India and Three ex-Team Celtz players.

Team Celtz is the same team that won the PMPL: South Asia Season 1 Finals.

Galaxy Racer eSports PUBG Mobile India Roster members

  • Owais- Mohammed Owais Lakhani
  • Ultron- Hemanth Sethi
  • Roxx- Yogesh Yadav
  • Maxkash- Akash Anandani
  • MJ- Harshit Mahajan

Owais and Maxkash are ex-Fnatic India players while Ultron, Roxx and MJ are ex-Team Celtz players.

Fnatic India has released their rosters last month because of the PUBG Mobile ban and gave them the freedom to join any other organization if they want.

Here is a little bit of back story of these players.

Owais has been a consistent and most successful IGL in PUBG Mobile eSports. In his first year of joining Team SouL, he secured wins in both PMIS 2019 and PMCO Spring Split 2019.

Later, he joined Team Fnatic in 2019, and won the PMAIS event very same year. In the following year 2020, he secured a second spot at PMIS along with Maxkash who is also a part of Galaxy roster now.

Does this mean “PUBG Mobile is coming back to India”?

Unfortunately, No there is no sign of return for PUBG Mobile to India.

According to Gemwire Galaxy Racer and TSM Entity will be soon competing in international tournaments.

Both Galaxy Racer and TSM Entity will be participating in the upcoming PMPL Arabia S1.

PMPL Arabia will be played from 18th May 2021 featuring 20 teams from the Middle East and Africa region.

However, there has been no words from any of the organization on this topic. But, we will update you if anything adds up to this.

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