Here is everything included in the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass all tiers and rewards for the next month. This new Battle Pass includes a ton of new and exclusive skins and emotes.


  • Fortnite Season 6 is here which means the whole new Battle Pass is also released with multiple skins and emotes.
  • Below are all the skins, emotes, tiers and rewards included in this BP.

Season 5 was full of multiple big characters crossovers and it has finally come to
an end. This means a new beginning – Season 6 is here and so does is Battle
Pass which features lots of exclusive skins and emotes for players to unlock.

These BP exclusive skins and emotes will stay there for one month meaning
you will have one month to unlock these items. However, if you want to
grab all these sooner than other players then here is a list of all the items
on the line for you.

What is the price of Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass?

Nothing has changed for the price path, it is similar as past seasons – the price
is very reasonable and affordable, but you also have an other option if you
do not want to pay for it.

You can opt not to pay instead unlock these items by playing and gaining
experience. As you rank up your tier you will unlock one items per tier upgrade.

For those who are looking to purchase Battle Pass, here is all the details for you.

Fortnite Season 6 BP costs (roughly $10). Moreover, for 2,800 V-Bucks (roughly $25), you can purchase a bigger bundle that instantly skips the first 25-tiers.

All items included in Season 6 BP?

The Season 6 Battle Pass starts with one of the most familiar character Agent Jones in his stylish suit. The first major crossover becomes available after completing 15 tiers. Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise is exclusive to the new Battle Pass. Not only that, but there are many more items from the franchise, including a classic variant of the skin as well.

On completing 61 tier players can unlock one of the best exclusive items from the Battle Pass. A human-sized chicken skin can be equipped from this point on. This new design also comes with a few unique variants throughout the Battle Pass.

The next crossover brings Raven of DC Comics fame into Fortnite. Unlocked at tier 72, the hooded figure will bring her own unique sprays,  loading screens, and plenty more.

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass tiers

There is a lot to this BP line,ranging from a variety of skins to plenty of V-Bucks and everything in between.

Here is a complete list of upcoming items included with Battle Pass.


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