If you are tired of finding All books location in Fortnite – you have landed on the right spot, in this article we have listed all the location images where you can find these books.

Why are suddenly players looking for books to collect in Fortnite?, because one of Season 5’s
Week 7 challenges requires players to collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands.

This new challenge came up with the recent v15.20 update and apart from this there are multiple
quests also (some of them being exclusive to battle pass holders), completing this task will earn
you sweet 20,000 XP and it is very easy to find these books if you know where to look for.

All books location in Fortnite – Holly Hedges


In the challenge you need to visit two locations and collect three books from each one.

The first location is Holly Hedges which is near Weeping Woods on the map, we would suggest
you to land as soon as possible because many players are going to land here for that extra easy
XP lust and you might end up being killed.

The very first book is located on the ground floor of the yellow house at the northwesternmost point of Holly Hedges. You just need to walk up to it and interact using your “interaction” button to grab it.

The second book is inside the building at the northeastern corner of Holly Hedges, while the third book is located in the tall building at the southeastern corner of Holly Hedges.

We have also marked the locations on the map in above picture to help you even more.

All books location in Fortnite – Sweaty Sands


The next location is Sweaty Sands which is very close to the first location – north of Holly Hedges.
Which reduces the amount of time to reach the location.

You again need to collect three books. The first is located inside the first building east of the RV park, and the second should appear two buildings east of that one.

Finally, the third book can be found in the building north from where you found the second one. It’s just across the road, meaning it would not take you much time to collect all of the three books.

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