Alinity replies to critics after her old video from 2018 goes viral on May 20, she claims that she has changed in many ways since then.

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon is one of the popular Twitch streamers with over 1.1 million
followers on her channel, but she is also a part of many controversies and the most
recent being her wardrobe malfunction in April.

It looks like controversies are always chasing her, it’s just been 1 month since her
last controversy and now a new controversy has arisen regarding one of her
old videos.

Alinity Viral Video is Two Years old

Alinity replies to critics after her video goes viral

The new controversy starts with a Twitter user under the username ‘JordanPooleWrld’ posting a video of Alinity from 2018 where she is discussing the difference between men and women cheating in a relationship.

“For a guy that is in a relationship to be interested in other girls, that’s just cheating. But if a girl who’s in a relationship becomes interested in another guy, it often means that she’s not getting what she needs to get from the relationship,” she stated.

The user tweets the video with the caption “This actually makes no f**king sense.”
and soon after that, it goes viral, at the time of writing this article the video has over
1.8 million views and 60k likes.

After the video goes viral and she starts getting hate from the users she finally
responds, she says it was from years ago. “I said a while back. I think I was projecting my own insecurities about being cheated on. It was a totally stupid thing to say. This is from 2018, I was way off.”


However, despite her explanation and everything, there were still many people
who were giving her hate, to them she responds saying “I don’t judge anyone for hating me based on the s**t I’ve done.”

Anyhow, this means that how easily your past mistakes can create a mess in
your present, however the 32 year old streamer is till rocking many platforms
with millions of followers.

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