In a YouTube video YouTuber JGOD has shed some light on the “Advanced UAVs vs Triple UAVs” topic highlighting why the advanced ones are better than the stock ones.

What are UAVs?


UAVs are a recon ship which lets players and their team mates know enemies location by circling them on the map.

UAVs are the best tool to equip if you are looking to get an upper hand on your enemy. Both the UAVs does the same thing but regular UAVs does not mark out “Ghosts” on the map.

Nowadays each and every player are equipping their loadout with stealth perk, which openly denies regular UAVs but you can make these regular ones more powerful by stacking three onto each other.

So how is this common strategy more powerful than the Advanced UAVs – YouTuber JGOD has broken down each point in his Advanced UAVs vs Triple UAVs video.

Advanced UAVs vs Triple UAVs – Why is regular stacking bad?


Regular UAVs gives you an “approx 40 seconds” intel window. But if you stack three onto each other it will also “stack” up time which will give you a good amount of time to look for your enemies on the map.

“It shows everyone on the map, regardless of if they have Ghost or not,” JGOD said.

However, there is still one major con about this effect. As you move closer to your enemies, their icon will disappear from the map. This happens “in a 250-meter radius.”

Conclusion – Stacking up regular UAVs will surely give you extra time to mark out all the enemies on map but it will not help you as you close in to your enemies.

In the video we can clearly see JGOD getting constantly shot at by his friends but their icon is nowhere to be seen on the map.

Why Advanced UAVs are better option to choose in Warzone

Advanced UAVs are finally back again in the game at the end of Season 2 after being occasionally available in the game throughout the first year.

These UAVs costs $12,000 but they are completely worth the price according to JGOD.

Advanced UAVs are “one of the most powerful things in all of Warzone because it is a hard counter to Ghost.”

“While it only lasts 40 seconds, it will show all players regardless of if you’re 5 meters away, 2,000 meters away, it does not matter. It will show every single player on the map and there is nothing anyone can do to counter it.”

Moreover, these UAVs also marks out Ghost and Non Ghost players in different form – players using ghost are marked out in Circle while Non Ghost players are shown in the form of Triangle on the map.

And to help you even more this will also tell you if your enemy is standing at high ground than you and mark them in elevated form.

Conclusion: Advanced UAVs vs Triple UAVs which is better in CoD Warzone?

These Advanced UAVs are not only different on “how they work on the ground” but also different from regular ones in the form of “how you want to use them”.

If you are playing for high kills – 40 seconds intel would not to anything for you then but if you are playing only to secure the win then choosing Advanced UAVs can be a good choice in Call of Duty Warzone.

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