Recently, a copyright drama has sparked between kick streamer Adin Ross and HasanAbi – where HasanAbi is pledging to pay the whole legal fees to whoever is willing to take action against Adin. Here is everything we know and you should also know.

HasanAbi and Adin Ross both have a history of targeting each other every now for “appropriate streaming content” and then and this is their latest “in-direct” confrontation.

What is Adin Ross copyright drama?

According to HasanAbi, the kick streamer has wrongfully copyright-struck a small YouTuber which is making them lose thousands of dollars in revenue.

In support of the small YouTuber, he stated:

“I will literally personally pay the legal fees of other f*cking Instagram models and people who now hate Adin Ross, who have appeared on his stream, to sue him for every f*cking dime he has if he keeps this dumb sh*t up.”

*Link to the part of the stream:

Will HasanAbi sue Adin Ross?

All this drama originated from a video posted by Adin Ross where he is clearly celebrating after stealing $8000 from a small YouTuber just because he used a part of his Livestream in his video where he is talking about Sneako and MoistCr1TiKaL. In the video, Ross clearly mentions:

“Put a W in the chat, we stole $8,000 from him. W! He needed that, yes!”

*Link to the part of the stream:

HasanAbi himself is known for allowing other people to use parts from his livestream which makes him even more angry at Adin Ross, who was getting proper mention in the video.

The Turkish-American streamer then goes on to a long rant about how Adin Ross is wrongfully copyrighting videos and trying to steal revenue from other creators, while ranting about him he also mentions that one of his videos has also been copyrighted by the kick streamer.

“You false striked me as well for a video I was in and here you are, dumb enough to celebrate false copystriking people. @adinross hitting new levels of stupidity I never knew were reachable”

HasanAbi warned Adin Ross of the potential repercussions of falsely claiming copyright on clips featuring third-party guests, which could lead to him being sued by any individual who has appeared on his stream.

“… he[Adin] is f*cking up the bag for himself. This will open up an opportunity, if it goes to courts, for people that he collaborates with without signing a release form, to sue him. So every Instagram model that has ever appeared on his streams could turn around and sue him for every f*cking dollar that he has. Do you understand?”

Most people agree with what HasanAbi is pointing out about Adin Ross. And so that is all on the Adin Ross and HasanAbi copyright drama, hope you have all the details about it.

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