A GTA 6 CGI role resume shows that Mexican actor Jorge Consejo is possibly the First
Leaked GTA 6 Character.

GTA 6 is the hottest topic right now in Grand theft Auto community. Many players have been searching GTA online update files for any possible leak about GTA 6.

Players are so desperate to know about the upcoming Rockstar Title that when an insider
claimed that something is about to happen on March 25, everyone went crazy.

Unfortunately, nothing has happened till March 27, but a Mexican actor’s past work/resume
shows that he has worked on some project with Rockstar Games titled “Grand theft Auto 6 (CGI) 2018”.

Leaked GTA 6 Character

This could mean that we have our First GTA 6 character already leaked.

However, in his resume, it shows that he has played the role of a character named “The
Mexican”, there is no further information – Full name, Location etc.


But according to the resume Actor played the role back in 2018 which could mean the game is already under process or finished for sure.

Also, back in 2019 some fans from the Grand theft Auto community directly asked the actor
about his involvement in GTA 6.

But, he didn’t tweet any comment on the tweet until March 27, when he finally tweeted addressing the question about his involvement in Rockstar games project.

He says – “because of contract stipulations sometimes I’m unable to comment on certain projects,” meaning he is under a non-disclosure agreement for his work.

Till now the Actor hasn’t given any exact confirmation about what project he was working on
but, keeping the current situation in mind, he definitely is talking about Grand theft Auto 6.

Also, there are no confirmations from Rockstar Games itself about any GTA 6 information.

So it is hard to belive on anything but Thanks to Consejo that we have some evidence of GTA 6 being in development.

Now there is nothing other than to wait for the official announcement from Rockstar Games.

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