Activision has finally confirmed an upcoming anti-cheat improvements update for Warzone after a lot of requests from the community.


  • Players shows vocal frustration in CoD subreddit.
  • Activision confirms upcoming improvement updates for anti-cheat system.

Warzone is the Call of Duty’s second try to give players one of the best battle royale games
after Black Ops 4 Blackout. However, the response from players is also very much
heartwarming with millions of players dropping in and fighting their way till the end.

Unfortunately, this game has also been a victim of “Hackers” which is pretty obvious for such
a big and popular game but one thing that is making players even more frustrated is developers
not doing anything about it.

Although, developers do claims that they are doing everything in their power to keep the
game hacker free, now players are taking over the anti-cheat system and expressing their
frustration through reddit and are continuously asking Activision for an answer.


However, there is no official message from any of Activision official members but a recent
in-game message does show some promises being made by developers regarding an improvement
for anti-cheat system.

The message, highlighted by Redditor ‘SSMKh’, is titled “Cheaters Not Welcome”. The player’s
own caption of “Are you sure about that Activision?” tells us much the community is frustrated
from developers silence behaviour.

“We work aggressively to keep Warzone fun and fair,” the in-game communication says. “24/7 security monitoring, ALL possible cheats, hacks reviewed, Planned improvements to in-game cheat reporting, 50,000+ global perma-bans to date, More updates coming soon.”

Players then started responding to the original poster, with one saying: “50,000+ global permabans to date” … followed quickly by 50,000 newly-created accounts by those “permabanned” players.”

Many of the payers argued regarding the low number of total perma-bans, considering
Warzone has been confirmed as having a total player count of approaching 100 million players.
One pointed out that, back in early 2018, PUBG banned over 1,000,000 accounts in January alone.

We can only wait and look out about when this Warzone “anti-cheat improvement” update is going to drop.

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