Activision ban 60k Warzone cheaters during their latest EngineOwning ban wave after receiving outrage from users over the internet and also promises more upcoming improvements to the game’s anti-cheat system.


  • Activision is finally taking actions regarding the ongoing cheaters crisis in Warzone.
  • They have banned over 60,000 accounts following their latest EngineOwning ban wave.
  • They also promises to make more changes and improvements to the anti-cheat system.

Warzone is another try from Call of Duty to give players a better Battle Royale game after
CoD Blackout, however these cheaters have been spoiling the game since the beginning and
what worst is not receiving any kind of statement from developers despite numerous
questions asked from fans.

Fans have been outraging on Activision for not speaking a single word on the cheater’s problem,
but finally, there is something from the developers and it is quite a bit relieving.


The publishing giant has confirmed that they have issued a large number of bans in their latest attempt to eradicate the game of cheaters: “Today we banned 60,000 accounts for confirmed cases of using cheat software in Warzone, bringing our total to date of more than 300,000 permabans worldwide since launch.”

This February 2, ban wave in which Activision ban 60k Warzone cheaters is the second
biggest ban wave ever in the history of the game, the first one being April 2020 ban wave,
where they banned over 70,000 cheaters.

However, there is no other specific information on the nature of accounts that were banned
during this wave.  Vice reported that according to their sources, the majority of accounts that
has been banned were using hacks purchased from EngineOwning – one of the biggest
distributors of video game cheats, especially in Warzone.

The company’s Discord channel was filled with customers complaining that the hacks
they’d bought had been exposed and led to their account being banned, while the
EngineOwning website itself was showing the Warzone hacks as “updating,”
while all of the other games were “undetected.”

Currently they have put a stop on the purchase of the hacks until they are working on it.


That’s not the only big news coming out of Activision’s February 2 announcement; at last,
after nearly a year of being kept in the dark, the publishers finally confirmed that Warzone
does have an internal anti-cheat system that they’re working to improve, including better
reporting, monitoring, and detection technology.

That was just one of several items on their to-do list when it comes to this issue:

  • Enhancements to our internal anti-cheat software
  • Additional detection technology
  • Adding new resources dedicated to monitoring and enforcement
  • Regular communication updates on progress; more two-way dialogue
  • Zero tolerance for cheat providers
  • Consistent and timely bans

Moreover, the publication has also confirmed that they will be keeping close contact with
player-base from now on and would be updating them once every month regarding updates
on bans, anti-cheats, etc.

This reaction was due to a lot of backlash from fans and content creators – some of them even
announced that they will be stepping down from Warzone until the developers to something
about the cheaters situation.

The latest announcement was from Vikkstar who experience a blatant cheater streaming live
on Facebook with no repercussions, which was then taken down by Facebook because of their
strict policies regarding streamers who stream themselves cheating.

To date, Activision has issued 300,000 bans in both Warzone and Modern Warfare, but most
of us will agree that these bans haven’t done any effect on the cheaters. Let’s hope for the
best and see what is coming up next.

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