A new way to play “unplayable” pubs mode in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have found a fix to play the “unplayable” pubs mode in Apex Legends public matchmaking and thought up an update for Dropships that could fix the problem.

Outside of Ranked playlists, casual matches can effortlessly decline into fests where game plan flies out the window if enough players land in the same hot zones. This is a scenario that multiple players find too frequently in pubs, as casual matches are called.

It’s gotten to the point where players demand Respawn Entertainment to get innovative by spreading players out with a substitute feature or two that could outstretch the game sufficiently to make matches satisfying again.

This led one Apex player to think up how they’d stretch out the playing field, affecting in a little gameplay tweak that could have major advantages for pubs.

Reddit user ‘kevboard’ suggests dividing a lobby into two dropzones according to him it will result in every game starting with half the lobbies far apart from each other.


In their concept, they would employ double the amount of carriers that were pretty distant from each other while running in mirrored, parallel routes.

If we follow his plan, it will provide every player in the game with a similar start and will encourage people to explore their drop options.

“Unplayable” pubs mode in Apex Legends fix

“Pubs needs this so badly, thank you for the great visuals,” one user said in response to the idea. “Pubs are unplayable because of clowns who drop hot and die within seconds. Matches don’t last beyond ring 1-2 and most of the map is empty, exactly because those people didn’t spread out normally.

“Forcing teams apart like this from the game itself is the only way to improve the spread.”

This will result in hotzones population dropping to half as 30 members of the lobby will be dropping on the other part of the map.

As great as it’d be to divide the lobby and make opening fights less chaotic, everyone agreed with kevboard that this should “not be used in Ranked mode.”

It is true that it may change the Ranked match experience completely but it is a great option for casual games.

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